Operating Model

We align staff and processes to turn strategic goals into achievements, driving operational excellence and ensuring success.

Organizations Face These Issues in Operating Model Design

  1. Pace of Adaptation: Can your products evolve as fast as technology does? Falling behind could mean losing market relevance.
  2. Resistance to Change: Overcoming this resistance is crucial for transformation. Without it, your organization risks stagnation.
  3. Organizational Agility: The lack of a bespoke operational model hampers agility, making it difficult to respond swiftly to market changes.
  4. Collaboration and Adaptability: Insufficient collaboration and adaptability within teams can impede innovation and operational efficiency.
  5. Meeting Market Demands: Failing to enhance delivery efficiency means struggling to meet evolving market demands, jeopardizing sustained business success.

With Ippon’s Operating Model Design services, we address these challenges head-on, coaching your team through digital transformation to ensure your business not only keeps pace with technology but thrives through change.

How Our Solutions Address These Issues

Value Stream Mapping & Organizational Design:
Our Value Stream Mapping & Organizational Design assesses how value flows through your organization to customers, redesigning processes for agility. We align your future state model with agile practices and provide an implementation roadmap.

Strategic Portfolio Management:
Strategic Portfolio Management sets clear objectives and key results for transformation success, integrating processes, tools, and training to align portfolio management with goals and optimize resource allocation.

Training, Mentoring, and Support:
We offer role-based training and just-in-time coaching for continuous professional development, supported by a Center of Excellence and Community of Practices for scalable, ongoing support.


Our Operating Model service optimizes your organization's operations to drive efficiency, agility, and strategic alignment.


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