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Data and Analytics as a service transforms raw data into actionable insights, empowering decision-making. It offers scalable solutions for real-time analysis. Elevate your business with data-driven strategies.

Current Data & Analytics Challenges Enterprises Face

  1. Outdated Infrastructures: Struggling with legacy systems that cannot keep pace with the demands of modern data and analytics needs.
  2. Fragmented Systems: Facing issues due to disparate systems that lead to inefficiencies and hinder the extraction of valuable insights.
  3. Siloed Information: The challenge of siloed data makes it difficult to obtain a holistic view of operations or customer behaviors, affecting strategic decision-making.
  4. Processing Delays: As the volume of data grows exponentially, organizations find it increasingly difficult to process and analyze data in real time, missing out on potential insights.
  5. Underleveraged AI and Advanced Analytics: Despite the availability of advanced analytics and AI technologies, many businesses struggle to integrate these tools effectively to drive value.

How Our Solutions Address These Issues

Enterprise Data Strategy, Current State Assessment, and Roadmapping:
We offer strategic consulting to not only identify and articulate your Enterprise Data Strategy but also perform an in-depth assessment of the current state. This culminates in a comprehensive roadmap, guiding your organization toward realizing its data strategy effectively.

Modern Data Engineering and Architecture:
Our expertise in data engineering and architecture streamlines the enhancement of your cloud data ecosystem, including data lakes and ETL/ELT processes, through strategic partnerships and accelerators, laying the groundwork for advanced analytics, AI, and a data-driven culture.

Data Governance, Management, and Literacy Consulting:
Our consulting expertise promotes data literacy and implements robust governance across your organization. Ippon’s commitment to coaching ensures all levels, from C-level downwards, are aligned with transformative data management and organizational change initiatives.


Our Data & Analytics service delivers actionable insights to drive informed decision-making and competitive advantage.


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