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The customer’s enterprise Agile/DevOps transformation, supported by external coaching from LitheSpeed and Ippon, aimed to scale Agile practices across the organization, a challenging feat given its complexity. The transition involved adopting and integrating new methodologies while also fostering a culture conducive to continuous learning and adaptation. This involved training associates, establishing DevSecOps pipelines, cloud migration, and implementing OKRs for measuring value delivery, all while maintaining security and efficiency. The goal was to enhance operational agility and responsiveness in a dynamic market.


The project involved an ongoing Agile and DevOps transformation for our client, which had extended over 2.5 years at the point of reporting. It featured a dedicated team of specialists, including two Strategic Agility Consultants, two Agile Coaches, a Certified Scrum Trainer, and an Agile Engineering Consultant, all tasked with driving the organizational change towards Agile methodologies.

The scope of the project encompassed a broad range of activities aimed at ingraining Agile principles and practices throughout the enterprise. This included the delivery of Scrum certification and Agile engineering training to equip team members with the necessary skills, facilitating transformation and coaching planning sessions to align strategic objectives, and providing enterprise-wide Agile coaching to ensure a cohesive adoption across various departments. The initiative also undertook the selection and launch of pilot programs to experiment and fine-tune Agile methodologies in specific segments of the organization, complemented by hands-on technical coaching to tackle real-world challenges. Moreover, the project placed a significant emphasis on improving software delivery efficiency and quality through hands-on test automation work.


The project's outcomes led to significant advancements in operational efficiency and team proficiency, including the certification of hundreds in Scrum and the training of over 100 individuals in Agile engineering and DevSecOps practices. This effort notably reduced automated test execution times and boosted test reliability. Dozens of teams received targeted coaching to elevate their Agile and engineering practices.


The client is a prominent entity in the U.S. housing finance system, primarily operating in the secondary mortgage market.

"Our collaboration with Ippon has been nothing short of remarkable. Their team's exceptional collaborative spirit made each training session not just educational, but a genuinely enjoyable experience. Ippon's approach to valuing diverse perspectives and ensuring all voices are heard in the decision-making process stands out. Their deep expertise in Agile engineering and modern DevOps practices has been instrumental in our growth. What truly distinguishes Ippon is their passion for their craft and their unwavering commitment to go the extra mile for clients eager to learn and benefit from their vast experience. Ippon has proven to be a dependable and invaluable partner in our journey towards excellence."

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