The business challenge involves enhancing the efficiency of delivering technical solutions to amplify the bank's impact, thereby transitioning to a value-driven organization. This shift aims to align more closely with the bank's mission by optimizing processes and resources to provide more effective and impactful services to its stakeholders.


The solution unfolds in two phases:

Phase #1: Product Definition and Framework Design
This phase lays the groundwork by defining Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to align goals and expected outcomes. It involves delineating product lines and individual products, followed by designing a new operating model that supports these definitions and objectives.

Phase #2: Pilot and Scaled Implementation
Building on the success of Phase #1, this phase involves piloting the new model with three teams simultaneously to test and refine the approach. It includes setting up Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) and providing leadership training to ensure alignment and understanding of the new strategies at the managerial level. Additionally, an Agile Center of Excellence is established, emphasizing "train-the-trainer" initiatives. This is to foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptation, ensuring the organization can sustain and propagate its transformation independently.


The outcomes of the solution are aimed at markedly enhancing operational efficiency and efficacy, which in turn should bolster the bank's mission and commitment to value-driven initiatives. Expected benefits, quantified by specific metrics, include:

Time Savings: Project delivery timelines are projected to decrease by up to 30%, enabling swifter adaptation to market and client demands.

Cost Reduction: The revamped operating model and strategic portfolio management are expected to yield a 20% cut in IT operational expenses, optimizing resource utilization.


The client is a prominent source of long-term financing for development in Latin America and the Caribbean, focusing on sectors like infrastructure, health, education, and poverty alleviation. Its mission is to enhance living standards through diverse projects.

“Thrilled to have this amazing team as part of our transition to a new operating model. Delivering amazing results and challenging the status quo in our organization!"

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