Product Innovation

We boost product innovation by strategically refining ideas, hastening market entry, integrating advanced features, and enhancing team skills for sustained growth.

Current Challenges in Product Innovation

  1. Aligning With Customer Expectations: Enterprises struggle to keep pace with rapidly changing customer expectations, often releasing products that fail to resonate with the market’s needs.
  2. Achieving Product-Market Fit: Identifying and navigating the path to product-market fit poses a significant challenge, leading to the potential misallocation of resources on products that don’t satisfy market demands.
  3. Applying Lean Startup Principles: Many organizations overlook the importance of lean startup principles, skipping essential steps such as validating user needs and concepts, which can result in the development of unwanted products.
  4. Intuitive Design and Functional Prototyping: There’s a common gap in creating designs that appeal to users and developing functional prototypes, hindering the ability to test and refine ideas effectively with target customers.
  5. Preventing Unnecessary Investment: Companies often face the risk of investing heavily in infrastructure or scaling products without sufficient validation from target customers, leading to financial losses and stunted growth.

How Our Solutions Address These Issues

Research & Discovery
Ippon consultants specialize in early-stage validation of product concepts and feature ideas, focusing on business strategy and technical feasibility. We upskill teams in discovery practices, employing market research, customer interviews, and analysis to transform ideas into evidence-backed initiatives, thus informing strategic innovation and development decisions.

UX Design
We build products that customers love. By leveraging Google Venture’s design sprint and Figma rapid prototyping, we expedite the design and validation of features and products customers adore. Within two weeks, we offer facilitation, training, customer interviews, usability testing, design library creation, and accessibility audits to ensure swift, effective product development.

POC & MVP Development
Minimize time-to-market and risk with our POC & MVP Development, ensuring your product aligns with customer needs and value delivery. We create functional POC prototypes for early testing of ambitious capabilities and use lean principles for MVPs that are market-ready and primed for iteration.


Our Product Innovation service empowers organizations to ideate, design, and develop cutting-edge products and services that drive sustainable growth.


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