Build the Right Product and Accelerate your Time To Market

Meeting the release schedule is often a real challenge, and the impacts of poor management are not negligible.

Improving and controlling your time-to-market requires a coherent product strategy, the optimization of your processes, and the implementation of appropriate tools.

Product Manifesto

Our Product culture draws its fundamentals from the Agile Manifesto and is built on the experience acquired with our customers.

We, Product Lovers, have created our own Product Manifesto centered around four core principles:


Our approach


Frame your product

Refine your vision and product strategy, while asking the right questions to build your product in an adjusted, organizational framework.

Our product experts will help you understand your customers' needs and market opportunities, in order to define your product strategy and a clear vision of your product - key elements for success.

Define, build, and develop your product

Experts who will accelerate the scoping, design, and co-construction of your Product, while respecting your Time-to-Market challenges.

We combine our expertise with your organization, from conception to completion of your product, with the goal of delivering features that bring value to your users. A product is only useful if it is used!


Train your product team

From idea to story, we can help you frame the product vision, conduct discovery workshops, and mentor the team on Product culture awareness and useful tools for delivery.

Are your employees new to the role of a "Product Owner?" Our team of coaches, experienced in Product Management and the role of Product Owner, will provide them with the knowledge and practical tools to begin this new role with confidence.

Mentor product owners

Product Owner coaching to empower the product team and deliver value.

Your Product Owners have a theoretical basis for their new role. Going further, our mentors coach, listen, advise, and inspire your Product Owners and Product Managers, drawing on their personal experience and guiding your PO / PM in capitalizing on their own experience. This approach is based on the respect of the roles of each team member.


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Our positioning

Product Lovers are present throughout the Product value chain


TESTIMONIALS by Product Lovers

“Start with discovery. You can learn so much in a short timeframe. Include Product and Engineering in Discovery to be sure the design meets the business need and leverages the best technology. Simple prototypes go a long way in mitigating all kinds of risks! ”


“Product is about listening, teasing out pain-points, and choosing the highest value problems to go solve.”


“Learning from its users, testing its hypotheses and iterating are the components of the alchemy of a good product.”


“Building a product is like cooking, you improve the recipe by experimenting.”

Su Heng

“Identify the 20% of items that will produce 80% of the value.”


“Before talking about features, let's talk about value.”


“Transmit the right vision to deliver the right product.”


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