For this project, the client's target was commercial clients, including travel agencies, requiring a secure and efficient solution for issuing virtual credit cards. Existing manual processes were slow, error-prone, and lacked scalability. Traditional virtual card issuance methods cause significant inefficiencies:

  • Manual processes delayed card delivery, impacting client satisfaction
  • Lack of 24/7 availability among other similar products limited flexibility for travel agencies and other time-sensitive businesses
  • Scalability limitations hindered future growth and transaction volume


After an initial period of discovery, Ippon, along with the client's senior product leaders, identified a set of requirements that would meet the target commercial client. Among these requirements, it was crucial that the API operate very quickly and be highly resilient regardless of traffic volume fluctuations. The Ippon team designed and built a serverless GoLang API on AWS Lambda, exceeding performance expectations and delivering additional functionalities:

  • Real-time virtual card generation: cards issued within 2 seconds for 99% of requests, surpassing client requirements.
  • Scalability and flexibility: serverless architecture accommodated traffic surges and seamlessly adjusted to changing needs.
  • 24/7 availability: continuous API access ensured uninterrupted service for clients worldwide.
  • Additional functionalities: The team developed Cancel, Update, and Return endpoints beyond the initial scope.


After a successful product launch in mid-November 2023, the API immediately started to add new revenue for the client. Beginning with $100K+ in swiped virtual credit cards, growing to over $1M per day within 2 months. The API transformed virtual card issuance and achieved impressive business outcomes:

  • Drastically reduced issuance time
  • Increased API utilization: traffic grew from 5–10% to 80% within 3 months, demonstrating scalability and platform resilience.
  • Scalability success: The system readily handled a 10x increase in virtual card volume with room for further growth.
  • Revenue potential: Early 2024 transactions averaged $1 million+ per day, projected to increase 10x by year-end.


This Top 10 U.S. Bank is a prominent financial institution operating within the banking and financial services industries, specializing in credit cards, loans, banking, and savings products. It has established itself as a leading player in the world of consumer and commercial finance. Known for its innovative approach to technology-driven banking, it has consistently leveraged data analytics and digital platforms to provide personalized financial solutions to its customers. The company's commitment to simplifying banking experiences and its emphasis on digital accessibility have propelled it to the forefront of the industry, making it a formidable force in modern finance.

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