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With a proven methodology and a team of 700 expert consultants, Ippon Technologies is committed to helping businesses leverage AWS Cloud’s power for accelerated growth. Ippon’s Migration and Modernization services are designed to guide organizations through transformative change along multiple axes, following DevOps principles. These services facilitate a cultural shift, organizational adaptation, and technical guidance, and provide tools and methodologies for a seamless transition to the cloud.

Ippon Technologies’ methodology is aligned with the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) and comprises the following steps:

The first phase of migrating to the cloud begins with an assessment of your cloud adoption maturity and an audit of your existing infrastructure and application portfolio. This discovery, using AWS Migration Evaluator and AWS Application Discovery Service, provides a clear picture of what you will be migrating, a business case, and an analysis of the Total Cost of Ownership of the migration.

This stage prepares all stakeholders for launching the migration and operating your future cloud platform. This phase also aims to build or improve your landing zone and establish the necessary tools, processes, and skills to accelerate your transition to the cloud. Finally, a detailed migration plan for the entire application perimeter will be developed.

Migration & Modernization
Ippon Technologies will implement the migration and all application modernization activities with the help of our software and data experts. We will monitor the switchover plans and then transition to application operation. This entire phase is delivered in agile mode and relies on AWS Migration Hub for reporting and migration planning.

Continuous Optimization
To benefit from the latest AWS services, move towards native cloud architectures, and optimize your Finops and sustainability approach, a continuous optimization phase is initiated on all or part of the migrated applications as well as on the various transversal services of the landing zone.

Through this comprehensive approach, Ippon Technologies aims to help businesses fully leverage the benefits of AWS Cloud to accelerate their growth. Ippon Technologies’ team of expert consultants will accompany organizations throughout their journey to

AWS Cloud in a customized way based on their needs and constraints, to achieve autonomy and rapid value contribution.

“Infrastructure costs have been reduced, thanks to the skill of Ippon and the adoption of FinOps best practices from the start of the project. Today, Orange Bank is taking full advantage of the service catalog offered by AWS.”

Alexandre Fedi – Lead FinOps and Project Management Officer – Orange Bank

If you are interested in learning more about Ippon Technologies’ Migration and Modernization services on the AWS Cloud, please visit our contact page to get in touch with our team of expert consultants. We look forward to helping you accelerate your business growth on AWS: https://us.ippon.tech/contact

More information on Orange Bank scale with AWS: https://aws.amazon.com/partners/success/orange-bank-ippon-technologies/

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