Diversity and Inclusion

At Ippon, Diversity and Inclusion are at the core of our culture and strategy.

As a piece of our People approach, Ippon’s Diversity & Inclusion initiatives aim to create a place for our employees to work and grow in a culture of psychological safety, and an environment where every employee feels like they belong. 

To that end, we all adhere to our 'HOME' values:


Demonstrate humility.

  • Admit to being a learner; show vulnerability
  • Hold off judgments
  • Tolerate ambiguity

Actively acknowledge other’s talents & contributions.

  • Give credit for team or other individual’s success
  • Look for the positive in others’ work and call it out; advocate for others

Have a sense of curiosity.

  • Engage with and respect others who have a different point of view
  • Ask sincere questions (and truly listen vs. crafting a response) 

Cultivate your learning.

  • Become self-aware of your biases
  • Don’t take things personally

Speak up.

  • Respectfully talk about potential biases
  • Share your learning and resources

Stand up.

  • Commit to actions that help others feel a sense of belonging
  • Notice when someone has been interrupted and ask for their input
  • Act on convictions and principles even when it requires personal risk-taking

Demonstrate empathy.

  • Listen without interrupting or problem-solving
  • Reach out; show compassion; engage wholeheartedly. 

Enable others to grow and excel.

  • Invite all team members to contribute and share in success
  • Give clear, actionable feedback (direct but kind-”spinach in the teeth”)
  • Listen to all teammates’ points of view when decision-making
  • Learn from mistakes and avoid placing blame
  • Support risk-taking by others

*Developed by our friend and collaborator Theresa Moore, Managing Director, Top Line HR.

The Ippon Foundation

With the Ippon Foundation, our know-how and skills are made available to the most disadvantaged, with the aim of reducing the digital divide in the U.S. and abroad. To provide access to computer education for children abroad, our volunteer employees have installed nearly 150 computers since 2017, i.e. 14 digital classes created in Africa, and as many teachers trained. In the United States, computers have been donated to women refugees to enable them to work remotely and stay connected to the world. The Ippon Foundation also sponsors high-level athletes, in order to support them in their professional transition.

Learn more about our Foundation