Scalable architecture

To see far, you have to see high! The Ippon architect reconciles technological innovation, business challenges and human relations.

They propose a collaborative and pragmatic approach to build, transform or modernize the IT system.

Architecture @ Ippon

Technology plays a key role in today's business. Technological innovation and the ability to quickly implement this innovation are becoming decisive. Digital transformation is materializing through a new state of mind and requires a continuous effort. IT departments are now a driving force in companies, offering decisive added value over one's competitors.

In this context, architecture is the keystone on which a company relies. It intervenes across the board to help build digital innovations while aligning strategic, business, and technical visions. The objective is to put value creation at the forefront for the company's customers, employees, and partners.

By identifying technological advances as early as possible, it encourages differentiating initiatives on the market. At the same time, sustaining and optimizing existing systems helps strengthen the company's foundations.

Finally, the diffusion of a new culture and the implementation of modern architecture practices help improve the productivity and responsiveness of product teams.

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Architect @ Ippon

The Ippon Architect is connected to the business. They understand the company's strategic issues and business in order to propose the most appropriate solutions. They adapt to the company's culture, resources, and context. This allows he/she to be an essential link between the global business strategy and the implementation of said strategy within the IT department.

The advent of Agile practices and the autonomy of development teams raises the question of the role of the architect. We at Ippon believe that this role must evolve and that it is more necessary now than ever.

We support our clients in three different ways:


Overhaul architecture practices, adjust management practices to bring business and technical expertise closer together, and carry out experiments and deploy them quickly.


Align IT with the business and focus on value creation and ROI.

In addition, define an enterprise-wide IT strategy and a pragmatic, value-driven implementation roadmap.


Set up your organization to improve the performance of your IT department and its ability to deliver better results, deliver an end-to-end value proposition, and execute the transformation plan by adopting best practices.

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